Make a TO-DON’T list.

As someone who coaches lawyers to avoid random acts of marketing, I’m in love with the practice of living a TO-DON’T LIST.

Some ways to consider this might be:

What things are you in control of that are sucking up your energy?

Are there people or projects that are no longer serving your career growth?

What distracts you? What steals your attention and presence from your work or family?

What awareness/marketing activities can you streamline (or ditch!) to make room for relationship-building/BD activities?

Many of my coaching clients already know what they WANT and what they DON’T WANT… and often, they can see what’s getting in the way of performance or progress. It’s the doing part that brings them to me.

Sometimes we can be more effective with the to-dos when we are focused and awesome at the to-don’ts.

I’m always inspired by the words of Adam Grant. He challenges us to “shed the responsibilities, habits, and hobbies that use up your time in ways you don’t love.”

His own to-don’t list includes:

  1. Helping everyone who asks
  2. Mindlessly engaging with screens
  3. Putting work ahead of family time
  4. Playing online Scrabble.


Is your to-do list making you nuts? Start a to-don’t list instead — with inspiration from author Adam Grant

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