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I support lawyers in creating marketing and business development action plans that double down on their natural strengths and professional drivers. As your thinking partner, I act as challenger, cheerleader, and connector to your future self and success.

Coaching can be transformational and illuminating whether your practice is emerging, evolving, or established. Your sessions will prioritize clarity, motivation, and momentum. Together, we open a judgment-free zone to test assumptions, clear blind spots, and gain a sense of self-efficacy and direction.


Your professional network is arguably your most valuable asset. It plays a critical role in generating clients, advancing within a firm, and building a reputation. Who are the people most important to your future self? Are you showing up in the right places and spaces? As your Conversation and Connection Coach, I help you target and deepen ideal client relationships — online, offline, and IRL.


There will always be billable hours and client demands. Make YOU your most important client every week. We practice and perfect the right routines to nurture your reputation and relationships in ways that are intentional, authentic, and sustainable. As your Cheerleader and Challenger, I hold you accountable, provide motivation, and celebrate when your BD habits become the lifestyle you choose.


Your legal career undoubtedly influences your social life, finances, health, and relationships. Your marketing mix of mindsets, methods, and messaging will amplify career well-being — liking what you do — to optimal levels of time, energy, and focus on attracting purposeful and interesting work. As your Clarity and Confidence Coach, I help you build a book of business in ways that matter most.

ABC – Always Be Curious.

Intellectual curiosity and a growth mindset have helped me design the career and life I want to live. My background spans two decades in sales, marketing, and business development roles for legal media groups and inside boutique and big law firms. In 2024, I celebrate seven years as an independent consultant. Please visit my profile on LinkedIn to discover my credentials and professional story.


I partner with individual lawyers, coaching organizations, and law firms ranging from Big Law to boutiques.


A single strategy session designed to “hit the spot” on a specific area of challenge or opportunity. Works best for those familiar with a coach approach to growth and performance.


For B2B and B2C attorneys, a six-month commitment to monthly or twice monthly sessions designed to explore and elevate your strengths, systems, and strategies for business development.


Group workshops designed for retreats and professional development programs. Featuring: The 10/20/30 Challenge for Teams, a gamified approach to building better BD habits.

BD Accelerator Package (6 months)
  • Orientation Call – 30 min
  • BD/Marketing Strengths & Interests Assessment – pre-work questionnaire
  • Character Strengths Assessment – optional at VIA Institute
  • Month One Kick-Off Session – 90 min (business plan and network audit to inventory and evaluate your current strategies, relationships, projects, strengths, target markets, goals, and skillsets)
  • Month Two thru Six Accountability Sessions – choice of 60 min 1x/mo or 45 min 2x/mo
  • Ongoing Spot Coaching – unlimited email access between sessions
  • Closing Reflection Session – 60 min (celebrate progress, identify learnings, set intentions, plan actions)
  • Next Six Months – optional Laser Coaching, plus “ask me anything” email access
  • Tools & Templates: Personal Business Plan, Pipeline/Relationship Tracker, LinkedIn Profile Checklist
  • Lifetime – complimentary LinkedIn annual check-up, as requested
  • Contact for solo, small firm, and large group pricing.
Featured Workshop (CLE-eligible)
  • Networking with Purpose: The Vital Role of “Social Fitness” for Work/Life Wellness
  • Description: Can business development be an act of self-care? SOCIAL FITNESS is an essential pillar of health, like movement, sleep, and nutrition. Both introverts and extroverts need healthy social connection routines — to buffer against stress, enhance professional performance, and influence career well-being. We can learn how to “network with purpose” and rethink relationships as part of a happier, healthier lifestyle.
  • Standalone or serves as primer for a one-to-one coaching program
  • Eligible for Wellness Competence Credit
  • Contact for sample content and pricing.

Let’s talk about your goals for 1:1 coaching or group training.


Inspiration by James Clear: Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement. Focus on your current trajectory, not your current results.

Let’s talk about BD habit change. Schedule a CALL.

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