LinkedIn Scripts: How to Avoid Random Acts of Commenting

7 Time-Saving Templates for Lawyers to Comment Strategically (and Humanly) on LinkedIn

Here are seven tactical templates to help you be more engaging on LinkedIn with the comments you leave on other posts. By mastering the art of the comment, lawyers can elevate their visibility and value on the platform.

The BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front)

Commenting is much faster than writing original posts. Your minimal efforts will build your brand quicker than any other activity on LinkedIn.

Comments are prioritized by the algorithm. When you comment on other posts, LinkedIn is more likely to place your name, your photo, your headline, and your insights into the feed of your network. Your comment may even trigger a Notification to your 1st-degree connections, particularly if they’ve subscribed to your content.

Start with Strategic Scripts

LinkedIn is designed to prioritize content that sparks conversations and meaningful interactions. Take advantage of this environment by adding your two cents to other posts. Be sure to restate the post and then add your ideas and inspiration.

1️⃣ Be candid.

I appreciate the insights here on [restate topic]. IMHO, I believe that…

2️⃣ Be respectful.

Great points about [excerpt a key idea]. From my experience…

3️⃣ Be generous.

Interesting take on [big picture post topic]! Adding my perspective…

4️⃣ Be insightful.

This is helpful. From a [practice area/industry] perspective, I might add…

5️⃣ Be specific.

This really speaks to me. My favorite line is [excerpt from article/post], because [reason you dig it].

6️⃣ Be tactful.

I see your perspective. A different approach could be…

7️⃣ Be relatable.

I’ve been in a similar situation. For me, it was about…

People appreciate relatable experiences, personal anecdotes, and genuine insight, especially when you show your personality and authentic voice. Humanize your comments and limit the generic drive-bys (i.e., Congrats! Well done! Thanks for sharing.)

Take time to comment thoughtfully on posts so you can build authority, credibility, as well as warmth, and rapport. Remember, your meaningful comments will be seen by an audience that includes a portion of your connections, all other commenters, and likely the post owner’s network. 

Write for the Silent Audience

Your clients are here, the silent audience, the lurkers, the spectators. In a recent BTI Consulting report, it was shared that “83% of clients make LinkedIn a part of their regular work routine.” This means weekly use, with over half of the in-house counsels surveyed visiting the site daily. (see BTI Benchmarking Law Firm LinkedIn Performance Report, August 2023)

Stop the Mindless Scroll

I’d rather you spend 15 minutes writing one or two meaningful comments than mindlessly scrolling your feed and taking no action. Keep in mind that by making your comments easily digestible and relatable, you’re effectively stopping the scroll of your followers and inviting genuine interactions. 

This is about meeting your readers where they are at… which is busy, running to meetings and in between calls during the day. So type with your everyday voice. Think: what would I actually say out loud? Aim for an 8th grade level of writing; there’s no need for complexity or formality.

Make your Mark on LinkedIn

Strategic commenting on LinkedIn stands as a powerful tool for lawyers to enhance their online presence and stay top of mind with their network. A genuine, well-crafted comment holds the potential to not only resonate with your active followers but also catch the eye of the silent yet attentive client audience that frequents the platform. Take the opportunity to leave your mark, cultivate valuable relationships, and avoid random acts of networking within this professional space, one insightful comment at a time.

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