LinkedIn Scripts: How to post about events.

7 Starter Templates for Lawyers to Amplify Conference Attendance on LinkedIn

Here are seven starter templates for lawyers who want to post about conference attendance or amplify their friends who are speakers. Don’t forget to add your personality, tag your peers/firm, and be sure to use the event hashtag.

If you’re a speaker, set aside time to create some sneak peek content to stay top of mind. Have someone capture your conversational thoughts about the following:

  • Who are the ideal attendees for your talk? 
  • What are you most looking forward to during the conference? 
  • What questions will you answer for people who attend your session? 
  • What’s something attendees can look forward to from your upcoming talk?

Your thinking partner can pull out the best talking points to help you write posts that get noticed by the people who matter and want to know what YOU have to say.

Try starting with one of these scripts. There are options for posting before, during and after the event.

1️⃣ Sneak Peek: At the upcoming [Conference], I’ll dive deep into some pressing topics, including [Topic 1], [Topic 2], and [Topic 3]. These discussions will shed light on …

2️⃣ Wish I were headed to [Location] for the [Conference], not just for the mouthwatering [Local Food], but to be in the audience as my brilliant colleague, [Peer], takes the stage to unravel the complexities of [Topic]. What questions would you have for the speakers?

3️⃣ Excited for my upcoming talk at [Event]. Attendees can expect a deep dive into [Topic] and a roadmap for [Practical Application]. Joining me are two remarkable panelists, [Peer] and [Peer], each with their unique insights. Together, we’ll share a fresh perspective that’s sure to transform the way [Stakeholders] approach [Industry Challenge/Opportunity]. Help me kick off the conversation right here. In the comments below, I invite you to share your burning questions, alternative perspectives, or any specific areas of interest related to our topic. Your input will help us to shape our session and make it even more tailored to [Audience].

4️⃣ Mark your calendars! [Conference] is just around the corner, happening on [Day/Time]. This event is a treasure trove of knowledge, offering deep insights into the ever-evolving landscape of [Topics]. I’m honored to have been included in this prestigious speaker lineup and will be sharing insights during my session titled …

5️⃣ A promising morning ahead! We’re about to explore [the hot topic] challenges faced by [Industry Stakeholders] who are here in [Location] for the [Conference]. (photo of stage)

6️⃣ Earlier this week, we presented to 100+ industry leaders in the [Industry] community. We discussed the issues most affecting [Stakeholders] right now as well as some solutions to those problems. Below is a synopsis of what’s happening in the marketplace today. (insert high-level summary)

Saving the best for last, a simple recap:

7️⃣ Yesterday’s Q&A with [Speaker] at the [Conference] was packed with information for the [Industry]. Here are 5 key points/trends … (include a photo of the speakers or a slide with a key quote or statistic)

And there you have it — seven dynamic templates to help lawyers maximize their impact when posting on LinkedIn about conference attendance or supporting their peers as speakers.

Experiment with these starter scripts, deploying them before, during, and after the event to optimize your social media presence and stay top of mind with your followers. Be sure to infuse them with your personal touch and writing style.

And remember, writing at the 8th grade level on LinkedIn is not about diminishing your competence, it’s about meeting your followers where they are at — which is busy, in between meetings and looking for quick insights and lighter reading.

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