Webinar: Networking with Purpose

Networking with Purpose: The Vital Role of Social Fitness for Work/Life Wellness

Presented by the Sacramento County Bar Association Barristers’ Club and Jennifer Forester

July 19, 2023 | Noon to 1:00 pm PT | Interactive Zoom Meeting

Summary: This complimentary workshop will provide mindsets and strategies for law students and early-career lawyers, helping them create relationship-building habits that foster business growth and career well-being.

It’s never too early to build sustainable habits that foster business growth and career well-being. And yet new lawyers can quickly become consumed by the billable hour and learning to practice law in the real world.

Enter the power of social connection — an aspect of life that is just as important for our mental and physical health as basic needs like food, water, and sleep. It influences how well we perform at work and in our communities. Humans are wired for social connection. Strengthening relationship bonds through the practice of “social fitness” is the ultimate brain and body hack. Just as physical fitness requires exercise, social fitness — the ability to nurture positive relationships — requires consistent effort to flourish.

This workshop will provide tips for building a social fitness routine for long-term health and professional success. We will also delve into effective virtual and IRL networking strategies, including the art of “working a room,” to maximize your experience at the upcoming Summer Associates Reception on July 20th.

Within our demanding legal profession, social fitness plays a vital role in countering the downstream effects of chronic stress and elevating levels of happiness in work/life integration. Join us to unlock the power of human connection and networking with purpose to build a foundation for a thriving legal career.

Speaker: Jennifer Forester is a business development coach and LinkedIn trainer. Her path in the legal field spans more than two decades in sales, marketing, and business development roles for media companies and inside law firms. As a coach, she helps lawyers with mindsets, systems, and strategies for business growth. As a LinkedIn mentor, Jen promotes focused and meaningful use of the platform to build relationships and reputations in organic and comfortable ways. She serves as a volunteer leader with the Legal Marketing Association, where she co-created the 21-Day Social Media Challenge, an advanced learning course about social media’s influence on the business of law. Jen lives in El Dorado Hills with her husband, a family law attorney, and two Boxer dogs. Connect with Jen: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jenforester/  jen@jforesterconsulting.com