2023 Workshops: “How to Avoid Random Acts” Series + More

Help your lawyers and business teams connect and collaborate through interactive training. Book a workshop strategy session to customize your event. Virtual and in-person workshops are designed to reinforce a mindset and mission to avoid random acts of marketing through intentional acts of real relationships.

How to Avoid Random Acts of Conferencing – A Playbook to Make a Conference Count

Whether you are extroverted, introverted, overwhelmed, or under-connected, an industry conference can be a professional and business development windfall for attorneys at all stages of practice. But obstacles like a global pandemic, procrastination, or work/life imbalance can derail our best intentions around marketing and personal branding. With compelling arguments and creative strategies, this workshop will inspire you to avoid random acts of conferencing — before, during, and after attending.

From Flat to Fabulous: How to Elevate Your LinkedIn Presence with Color and Depth

This interactive Zoom workshop highlights the newest features and timeless favorites for leveraging your LinkedIn presence. Learn how to colorize your profile in ways that elevate professionalism, competence, and credibility while also expressing your humanity, approachability, and real-world self. Explore a 15-minute routine that goes beyond the mindless scroll, promotes deeper thoughts, and prioritizes “LinkedIn listening” for relationship and reputation management. This platform will open doors to opportunity and boost BD habits when used with intention and insight. Stop being a spectator and start owning your digital presence on the world’s largest business network of highly engaged professionals, with more than 930 million members across the globe.

How to Avoid Random Acts of Networking – Tips for Working a Room

When attending professional meetings, seminars, receptions, or parties in your community, knowing how to “work the room” can make the difference between a boring waste of time and an exhilarating event that expands your circle. This workshop covers networking tips with both introverts and extroverts in mind.

From Networking to Nurturing: Redefining BD Success as Social Fitness

Can you shift your mindset around networking in the legal industry to ensure you are making authentic and powerful connections, online and in real life? Do you believe that business development can be an act of self-care? Your social fitness is more important than ever. Learn how to rethink and reboot your BD habits as a longevity lifestyle.

How to Avoid Random Acts of Time Management – The Art & Science of Habit Change

You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems. With inspiration from James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, this workshop will cover the science behind habit formation and why our daily habits are the foundation for business development success.

How to Avoid Random Acts of Listening – Making Conversations Count

This new workshop is in development

How to Avoid Random Acts of Social Networking – Refresh and Reboot Your LinkedIn Presence

Whether your practice is emerging, evolving, or established, it is more important than ever to cultivate a dynamic virtual presence. The program starts with a fast-paced one-hour group training, including a live demonstration of LinkedIn. Learn how to maximize essential profile sections to tell your professional story, activate the newest features to humanize your presence, and leverage the full platform to connect to opportunities in ways that suit you. Finish your makeover during a private strategy session with Jen.

How to Practice Authentic Self-Promotion – Self-Care for Your Personal Brand

Effective self-promotion strategies are all about finding the balance between demonstrating your value and bragging about it. This presentation will cover methods and mindsets for promoting yourself both online and in person, with an emphasis on using LinkedIn effectively. Content is designed to engage female attorneys at all levels. Learning Objectives: Reframe self-advocacy into holistic terms; Embrace everyday interactions to practice your value pitch; Discover virtual, digital, and real-world ways to “show up” for yourself and others.

How to Create Opportunities for Client Face-time

While it can be difficult to build personal relationships with clients, it remains essential. That said, in-person opportunities to deepen those relationships can be hard to schedule. This workshop will highlight ten ways to rethink client face-time and take your relationship-building to the next level.

How to Reconnect with Dormant Relationships

Reconnecting — with old friends, acquaintances you haven’t seen in years, colleagues you have lost touch with, and clients from past engagements — is one of the most effective ways to make the most of your network. This workshop walks through the science and steps to reconnecting with dormant ties. Learn why your existing network is full of untapped value.

How to Show Up for Clients and Colleagues Who Are Struggling

Today’s increasingly isolated, socially disconnected, and hurting world demands that we do a better job of caring for one another. The main reason we fail to show care is that we don’t feel equipped to know what to say and do around those struggling, so awkwardness takes over. This talk walks through specific mindsets and behaviors that can be identified, normalized, and discussed to help cultivate the skill of social connection — leading to stronger, trusting relationships that feel seen, valued, and cared for in the workplace and beyond. In partnership with Inspiring Comfort.

Recent Trainings + Talks for Clients, Conferences, and Cohorts

  • The Intersection of Business Development, Social Fitness, and Well-Being ~ in support of Mental Health Awareness Month (Co-presenter, 05.09.23, Justice HQ, eligible for CA competence MCLE)
  • LMA 21-Day Social Media Challenge – a learning course for all levels (June 2023, 2022, Co-creator and facilitator)
  • The Art & Science of Reconnecting with Dormant Relationships (01.12.23, ProVisors SAC1 Guest Presenter)
  • How “LinkedIn Listening” Can Enhance Your Pipeline Management Strategy (01.11.23, Gladstone CMO Roundtable & BD Directors Symposium)
  • LinkedIn “Mini-Makeover” Workshops/Webinars: Consumer Attorneys of San Diego Women’s Caucus, LMA Tech West Conference, ABA RPTE Section, International Network of Boutique Law Firms, Association of Legal Administrators, LMA Northwest, Professional Fiduciary Association of California, Sacramento Professional Advisors Network (2020-2023)
  • Putting the Work into Virtual and In-Person Networking – Tips for Working a Room and Mastering the Medium (June 2022, LMANext LMASE Presenter, content powered by GrowthPlay)
  • Am Law 200 Firm Women’s Initiative Luncheon – Five Ways to Add Color to Your LinkedIn Presence (May 2022, In-person presenter)
  • LinkedIn Expert Roundtable – How to Gather Business Intel with Intention (April 2022, LMA Program Moderator)
  • Harnessing the Power of Your Personal Brand (April 2022, LMANext Presenter, content powered by GrowthPlay)
  • Legal Marketing Coffee Talk Livestream Interview Guest, with Hosts Jessica Aries, By Aries and Rob Kates, Kates Media (January 2022)
  • BD Reboot: Mindset, Motivation, and Methods (June 2021, private client virtual workshop)
  • Self-Care for Your E-Self: Tips to Curate Virtual & Digital Presence (June 2021, regional law firm women’s initiative)
  • Part 1 & Part 2: Coaching Lawyers to Make the Most of Online Events (Aug 2020/Jan 2021, LMA Bay Area, panelist)
  • Refresh Your Digital Self with a Virtual Presence Makeover (Oct 2020, Badass Women Leaders Virtual Self-Care Retreat)
  • MCLE: Conference Like a Boss . . . And Stay Sane Doing It (9/20/19, California Women Lawyers Annual Conference, co-presenter)

ABOUT YOUR TRAINER: Jennifer Forester is a business development coach helping lawyers avoid random acts of marketing. An independent consultant since 2017, her career path in the legal industry spans more than two decades in sales, marketing, and business development roles for media companies and inside large law firms. As a BD coach, Jen shows attorneys at all levels how to balance online and offline interactions to target meaningful books of business. She provides group workshops on best practices for business development, emphasizing LinkedIn to grow reputations and relationships. jforesterconsulting.com