What are you About?

If you wouldn’t say a sentence in the real world, don’t write it in your LinkedIn Profile. This is one of my top tips during LinkedIn workshops when we discuss the dos and don’ts of writing your ABOUT section story. I was originally inspired by this post.

Have you noticed that many LinkedIn profiles are full of language that no one would use in a regular face-to-face conversation? Think jargon, too many adjectives, puffery, and third-person language.

Your buyers don’t want to strain to figure out what you do and if you can help them. They aren’t looking for your autobiography; they want to know if you can help them with whatever problem they are trying to solve.

Does Your LinkedIn Profile Make You Look Like an Approachable Human?

It’s a nice feeling when a Profile strikes the balance between likable and credible. Especially when our digital selves are being vetted even before our real-world selves can make first impressions. Or when we are looked up after an in-person meeting and our online persona rings true.

The ABOUT section is rather important for your presence on LinkedIn. When this area is blank, your Profile is not only less helpful to the humans who read it, the computer algorithms throttle your chances of being found. In fact, LinkedIn says that members with completed profiles see more relevant feed updates and receive more profile views.

About Section Tips

  • Give an “Executive Summary” in the first four lines
  • Format for scanning: white space, subheads, bullets
  • Tell a story: what experience do you create for others?
  • Write how you speak: first-person, conversational, approachable
  • Use keywords: think people & bots
  • Check for readability (free tool)
  • Get personal, share something that humanizes you: When not at the office, I’m involved in… Beyond my practice, I enjoy…

Writing Prompts

What makes you a reliable business partner in your industry?

  • What kind of lawyer/professional are you?
  • Who is your ideal client/audience? 
  • What is the experience you create for others?  
  • Why did you choose your area of law/niche/specialty? 
  • What kind of person are you?
  • What do you enjoy beyond your work?
  • What did you do before your career in law?

Add Color to Your Profile

Think of your LinkedIn profile as a place to add color to your professional story. It’s more important than ever to translate the real-world YOU for the digital world.


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